S ince 1984 Winbrook Pride has provided a multitude of activities and events for children, youth and teens and has established itself as a vital part of the community. Partnering with other local agencies, organizations and businesses, Winbrook Pride continues to evolve its activity offerings to meet the ever changing needs of the community. In 1992, to address the burgeoning need for a mentoring program, the Winbrook Pride Mentoring Program was established and has gained the attention of many prominent community leaders, who have served as mentors to over 500 children and youth.

Darryl's wife, Selena Murray Jenkins, co-founded the Winbrook Pride community group for young people and served as co-chair of the city’s annual Juneteenth Festival, passed away Oct. 6 in White Plains. She was 56.

Born in Harlem on Oct. 20, 1953 to James and Emily Morant Murray, Jenkins moved to Greenburgh as a young child. She was a graduate of Valhalla High School and the Southern Westchester BOCES dental assistant and cosmetology program. She married Darryl Jenkins in 1977. The couple adopted and raised Matthew McDaniels and also raised two nephews, Dwayne and Edward Murray. read more...

Fostering Pride in Public Housing

NYTimes.com Article

Most of the preoccupied commuters or shoppers who drive into downtown here scarcely notice the public housing complexes and their residents, which flank the gateway to the city.

Darryl Jenkins knows what it is like to be ignored and dismissed as a resident of a housing project, and he wants to change that. Through his nonprofit organization, Winbrook Pride Inc., which was founded more than 20 years ago, Mr. Jenkins has tried to instill pride and self-esteem in the children who now live there as well as in other parts of the city and the county. Winbrook Pride is a separate organization that does not operate under the housing authority. read more...