1. How can I subscribe to Mahogany?

For subscriptions, you can email: subscriptions@mahogany-mag.com.

2. How many times is Mahogany published?

Mahogany is a quarterly publication and is published four times a year.

3. Is Mahogany a web-based publication?

Yes, do to high printing costs and demands, Mahogany is published at our New York office and is released through the Mahogany Website at www.mahogany-mag.com. In the future, with the support of our readership database, advertisers and sponsors, Mahogany plans to venture into print and be distributed nationwide at well-known bookstores, newsstands, supermarkets and national retail stores.

4. Where can I send letters to the editor?

You can address letters to the editor by emailing: letters@mahogany-mag.com

5. How can I submit story ideas?

For story ideas, you can email inquires to: submissions@mahogany-mag.com

6. What are your Writer's Guidelines?

You can obtain the list of Writers Guide Lines under the "About" section on the homepage.

7. Where is Mahogany Located?

Our Corporate headquarters is located in the Bronx, New York in New York City.

8. How can I contact Mahogany?

You can send all inquires to our editorial department or email inquires to the correct corresponding department. To request the list of departments, please send request to: letters@mahogany-mag.com

9. How can I model for the publication?

Thank you for your interest in modeling for Cunningham Publications, LLC. Unfortunately, we hire models through agencies and occasionally hire through castings calls and other media contacts. You can check back with modeling opportunities with Cunningham Publications, LLC. We wish you the best of luck with your model search.

10. Where can I apply for Employment Opportunities with Mahogany?

Thank you for your interest in working for Cunningham Publications, LLC. At this time, we are not hiring but you can submit your resume and letters of interests to: hr@mahogany-mag.com

11. Do you offer Internships with your publications?

All applicants who are interested in an internship with Cunningham Publications, LLC should send their resume and cover letter along with the semester in which you are applying for to: hr@mahogany-mag.com

12. Why can't I view the magazine?

You maybe experiencing problems with your browser. "Refresh," the page and try logging onto the site again. If this fails, you can contact the system administrator at: webmaster@mahogany-mag.com

13. I am having difficulties uploading the weblink, who do I contact?

For any relevant technical difficulties or troubleshooting, you can contact: webmaster@mahogany-mag.com